The essence of totals betting in football, basketball, hockey, tennis

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Many newcomers who have just started betting on various sporting events have already encountered the concept of “totals.” Literally translated from English, this word means “sum.” Thus, placing a bet on the total means betting on the total number of events. In this case, it refers to points, goals scored, offsides, rounds, yellow cards, and so on.

Before placing bets in one of the bookmakers, it’s necessary to consider certain factors that can influence the game’s outcomes. Primarily, these are:

  • Statistics – how productive the team or athlete has been in their recent performances;
  • Team composition – in some cases, one professional player can lead their entire team to victory, just as their absence can result in defeat;
  • Current streak – the results of the last 5-6 matches for a player or team, as a series of failures may indicate that such a trend will continue;
  • Tournament stage – closer to the final or semi-final of major competitions, it’s easier to determine the result of a particular match.

Less obvious factors, such as weather, especially if the competitions are held outdoors, can also influence the balance of power.

There is also an individual total. The scheme here is almost the same as in the previous point, however, the bet is placed on the results of a specific participant. In this case, knowledge about not only the specific sport but also the players, their health condition, recent successes/failures, etc., will help. In this case, the match outcome on the bookmaker’s website is usually indicated by abbreviations ITB1 (home team), ITB2 (away team), ITB “athlete’s last name” (if money is bet on a specific participant).

Total can also be three-way. In this scenario, in addition to Over and Under, the bettor can choose the “Exactly” option. Here, it’s necessary to guess the exact number of goals for the entire match. For example, “Exactly 4” would mean that at least 4 goals will be scored by both opponents during the match.

Total in specific sports

Each sport has its own peculiarities. Taking the most popular one – football – as an example, bets are most often placed on the number of goals scored. In addition to classic Over and Under bets in football, you can make an individual bet (on a specific player or team), as well as on the outcome and total (team 1 win + Under 2). Major bookmakers usually offer the most unexpected football totals.

As for basketball, there are some differences. The total refers to the total number of points scored by both teams in the match (including overtime). Bookmakers offer not only bets on the total points but also on their number in quarters, the number of free throws, fouls, etc.

In hockey, the total is almost the same as in football. You can bet on both Over and Under. However, considering the higher productivity of hockey compared to football, larger figures are usually involved in bets. There are also individual or three-way totals. In any case, it’s important to know as much as possible about hockey teams and individual players. You can find more interesting information about bets from various bookmakers in the news on the website.

Statistical totals

Recently, many bookmakers also offer bets on statistical totals. As an example, bets on the number of corners or yellow cards for football, penalty minutes or shots on goal for hockey, double faults, aces, and disputed points for tennis. But it’s worth remembering that such types of totals are only available for major sporting events.

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