Top Executive Job Opportunities Unveiled

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With the growing advancement in the corporate world, a lot of executive jobs are constantly unveiled. This presents you with a chance to take charge of the organization you want to join and shape its directions.

In this article, I will highlight some of the specific fields where executive job openings are very high. Furthermore, your role for the position as well as its salary range will also be discussed.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

This is one of the most common executive positions that is found in almost all big as well as small companies. Your role as CIO will be to manage the IT systems and computer technology in the business organization. This includes managing the budget of IT and overseeing its proper utilization. Managing the infrastructure, security, and vendors related to IT will also come under your control.

You should have a degree in IT or Computer science related fields to become a CIO. If you have done an MBA, then it will definitely help you in getting this post. Also, having experience in the field is a must for you to have the role of CIO.

The current average salary that you can draw being a CIO is around £33,320 per year in the UK. This salary can even get as high as £100,000 depending on your experience and the company location.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

CMO is another important executive job in companies where you have to control and manage the branding and advertisement of a company. You have to analyze the market trends and patterns to make important marketing decisions. In this role, you also have to closely work with the sales team and other relevant departments, to make sure that the customers get the best  experience.

This particular role requires you to have a degree in marketing-related fields. If you have a degree in MBA, then it can be a plus point. You should have at least 10 years of experience in management, marketing, and advertisement to have a good impact.

The average base salary of a CMO is around £98,031 per year in the UK. This salary can go up by more than £114,548.

Business Development Executive

The jobs for executive positions in Business development are always in demand. As an executive, your main responsibility will be to increase sales, attract new clients, and improve the relationship with the existing clients. Also, you will have to improve the products the company is offering, so that the products and services are always the best.

The requirement for this role requires you to have a degree in Business management, marketing, or any other related fields. Your experience in the field, especially in Business development or sales is also required as it showcases your communication and management skills. Resume writing skills are also important for this job as they can highlight your skills effectively.

The salary range for these types of executive jobs in countries like the UK is around £29,750 annually. This can increase further depending on your experience or the organization you are applying to.

Senior Sales Executive

Another executive job that is high in demand is the role of Senior Sales executive. The main role that you will have is to oversee all the sales within your department. You will have to improve your sales by identifying the gaps where improvement is required and also guide the sales representative in reaching their targeted sales.

To get this job, it is preferable that you have a degree in business and sales-related fields. Also, a Certified Sales Professional CSP accreditation can boost your chances of getting this post. In this type of job, your communication, leadership, problem-solving, and customer service skills are of top importance.

The average salary range for this type of role is around £35,260 per year. This salary can go up to £50,000 and also involves a good commission every year.


There are a lot of executive jobs available in companies that pay you a lot of money. Although the list of these jobs is long,  only some of them are mentioned above.

There are some specific duties related to each job, and you have to satisfy some of the requirements to be eligible for the role. Although these requirements are just the benchmark, your skills and experience should always be top-notch.

One other skill that can help you is resume writing and if your resume is good, then it can increase your chances of success in getting the job.

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