10+ Crazy Facts about Universe

Study of the universe is called Cosmology.

Fact No. 01

We can learn about origin of the universe from The Big Bang Theory.

Fact No. 02

The universe is made up with Ordinary Matter, Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

Fact No. 03

The universe was born approximately 13.8 billion years ago.

Fact No. 04

Shape of The Universe is flat.

Fact No. 05

The universe is constantly expanding faster than the speed of light.

Fact No. 06

There are estimated to be more stars than grains of sand on our earth in the universe.

Fact No. 07

There is a diamond made planet in the universe. The name of this planet is 55 Cancri E.

Fact No. 08

Every day about 275 million new stars are born in the universe.

Fact No. 09

Every place in the universe has the same temperature.

Fact No. 10

On 25 December 2021, the most powerful Telescop James Webb Telescope was sent to research the space by NASA.

Fact No. 11

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